Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

We came to the town of Montgomery in 2006,We also came to the realization that there was no real hotdog spots in the area for miles and the only way to satisfy our communities craving for hotdogs, was to create a place that specializes in just that.

A place where no hotdog is ordinary, they had to be far beyond the realm of the typical ballpark dog, they had to have attitude and most of all, they had to be good, really, really good! We named that place buldogies-hotdogs with attitude.

A place where people can come in and grab a dog and shoot the breeze with us and also satisfy their carnival food desires, there was no such place at the time besides the carnival or fair, a place where the food consistently stuns them, they’d be so fired up about us they’d want to bring their family, friends and coworkers.

At buldogies, we will remember your name, we will ask you how you’ve been and how your Momma’s doin, we will go out of our way to thank you before you leave... even if you’re half way out the door and we yell “Thank You! See you tomorrow!”

We will have you craving buldogies on Sundays when we are closed, we will treat you like our own family. That’s one of the many reasons we created buldogies, you’ll find all those essentials and more year round.

As owners and operators, we will also cook and expedite your food every single time you dine at buldogies, no fill in cooks here, you get the creators of buldogies, making their creations for you, every single time. So come indulge in the buldogieliciousness, there’s no other place like it, we guarantee it. buldogieUP!




with attitude

where buldogieliciousness began

buldogies creators- Breian Majko and Jamie Mancil